Challenge of Champions


We hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Only 1 event this week.  Sunday June 3rd Challenge of Champions.  From8 am – 8 pm

Adults: $20. Kids: Free (15 years old and younger)


Memorial Weekend

 Everyone have a safe and fun memorial Day.  We will see you all next week for the Challenge of Champions

Kiss sandwiched between food and cosmetics.

These next two weeks are very busy here at NJCEC.  We start this week with Wakefern.  They set up food to sell to all the Shoprite’s around the area.

Then we have a small but fun new show called KISS Mart.  This will be a show promoting and selling anything KISS.  This show is just a taste of what will happen during KISS Expo in September.

Then we go into our biggest show of the year NYSCC or New York Society of Cosmetic chemists.

Metropolitan does such a great job at making all three of these shows look great.  They don’t get enough credit.

Check back this week and next for a lot of pictures from these private shows or come on out on Saturday May 12th to see KISS MART!